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Bionic Reconstruction Conference (BReCON): The Future of Integrated Upper Limb Surgical and Prosthetic Intervention

November 30, 2023 to December 1, 2023
NYU Langone Health, 550 First Ave, Alumni Hall New York, NY
Innovations in amputation surgery and prosthetic technologies are the key components of this conference. The core topics will include: Advances in transhumeral and transradial amputation and related prosthetic technology, partial hand, osseointegration, surgical and rehabilitation approaches to pain, sensory feedback, hand transplants, brachial plexus injury and elective amputation, reimbursement, mental health, frontiers of upper limb amputation research. BReCON will incorporate a national and international emphasis to capture the experience of pre-eminent experts in the field. The conference features keynote speakers, invited experts and an experienced multidisciplinary panel. A skilled facilitator will actively engage both the panel and audience in order to illuminate the scope of experience of those in attendance.
Specialties covered
Hand and Wrist
Shoulder and Elbow


1st Annual Cedars-Sinai Hand and Upper Extremity Symposium

December 9, 2023
Cedars-Sinai Harvey Morse Conference Center, Los Angeles, CA
The 2023 Cedars-Sinai Hand and Upper Extremity Symposium will provide basic and advanced knowledge of hand and upper extremity injuries and their treatments. The latest in hand surgery and therapy for these injuries will be discussed. The symposium will be divided into Forearm and Wrist sections in the morning and Hand and Finger sections in the afternoon. Each section will incorporate panel-based case discussions.
Specialties covered
Hand and Wrist