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The TomoFix Medial High Tibia Plate, part of the TomoFix Osteotomy System, is pre-contoured to fit the medial proximal tibia, minimizing the need for intraoperative bending and soft tissue irritation. Two plate options, standard and small, are available to accommodate varying patient anatomy. The solid midsection provides the strength necessary to sustain the osteotomy. The tapered plate end facilitates minimally invasive insertion. Three Combi holes provide the flexibility of axial compression and locking capability. The most proximal holes (plate head) and most distal holes (plate shaft) accept locking screws, aiding in angular stability. The TomoFix Medial High Tibia Plates are available in commercially pure titanium.

The TomoFix Osteotomy System is a comprehensive plating system for stable fixation of osteotomies around the knee. The TomoFix Osteotomy System consists of five plates designed for specific parts of the anatomy:

• TomoFix Medial High Tibia Plate
• TomoFix Medial High Tibia Plate, small
• TomoFix Lateral High Tibia Plate
• TomoFix Lateral Distal Femur Plate
• TomoFix Medial Distal Femur Plate

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H C Cole   wrote on January 15, 2020:

Modification of technique on biplanar cut needed in those with near patellar baha anatomy to avoid patella baha (i.e. leave tibial tubercle attached to proximal tibia). As also seen in the French literature, have not found bone grafting of osteotomy site necessary or helpful (Has filled in without graft or issues in osteotomies as large as 22 degrees). Has higher need of implant removal in my patient population than the European literature suggests.


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H C Cole   on January 15, 2020:

My preferred valgus producing high tibial osteotomy implant and technique.


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