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Product Overview

SLiK Fix is a screw ideally suited for tenodesis procedures. The design of SLiK Fix screws provides procedural advantages compared to other fixation methods.

The Tendon Washer and Targeting Tip allow one to engage and advance the tendon to the appropriate depth into the bone socket and assess tension of the tendon prior to inserting the screw. The Tendon Washer provides an increased surface area to prevent tendon pull-back. The SLiK Fix driver features an Activation Button that enables a simple, one-handed technique to advance the fixation screw.

Recommended for use in both large and small-joint repairs.

Key Features:

▪ Diameter options: 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm
▪ Tendon Washer diameter: 5.0mm
▪ Tendon Washer/Targeting Tip on inserter to better manipulate the tendon
▪ Activation Button on driver for easy screw-in anchor insertion

Material solutions:

▪ Carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK-OPTIMA™ from Invibio
▪ PEEK-OPTIMA Natural from Invibio

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