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Product Overview

Comprehensive Revision Instrument:

• Efficient - Speedy and complete removal of the cement with low risk of damage to the bone.
• Feedback - Audible and tactile warning of probe position
• Visualization - Latest camera technology provides complete visualization and interface with the computer equipment
• Status - Visual and audible signals indicate the status of the probe in use
• User friendly - Simple connection, digital tuning and power delivery
• Modular design - Flexibility and back-up
• Safe - Preferential ultrasonic absorption of bone cement - minimal damage to bone
• Multiple applications – Hips, Knees, Shoulders, Elbow

OSCAR for Cement Removal

The task of removing PMMA bone cement during revision arthroplasty has always posed a challenge to the surgical team. Difficulty with visualization, ambiguity in discriminating between cement and bone and unpredictable scheduling all add to unnecessary complications and in the worst cases severely compromised bone stock and the need for expensive prosthetics and other reconstructive materials.

Removing these unpredictable problems requires a device that can be relied upon to restore a planned schedule and outcome. Ultrasound when applied correctly can make the cement removal part of the operation predictable, safe and by definition more efficient and quicker.

PMMA bone cement responds instantly to a vibrating wave-guide. The putty-like consistency of the cement following contact with the wave guide (probe) allows it to be easily removed from the endosteum through the novel design of the probes, the softened cement being transferred as the probe moves. Cortical bone does not absorb ultrasound as readily as the cement and therefore the surgeon will have awareness of the position of the probe within the bone through both audible and tactile feedback.
By always transferring the softened cement as the probe moves, heat build-up is not a issue.
The OSCAR system has been designed to provide even more opportunity for the surgeon to check the quality of the bone through an optional dedicated endoscope, camera and flat screen monitor. The surgeon can observe the cement removal process to ensure all cement is removed.

OSCAR for Prosthesis Extraction both Cemented and Cement-less
•Removal of well integrated cement-less acetabular cups
•Loosening and Extraction of proximally coated press-fit stems
•Loosening and removal of both tibial and femoral components in cement and cement-less TKR

When using the OSCAR ‘s new flat osteotomes, coupled with the new bone cutting handset, accurate cutting of the cancellous bone interface surrounding the implant component makes prosthesis extraction easier. Implants are effectively isolated from the host bone, with greater bone preservation. In cases where cancellous bone is limited and it may be necessary to cut cortical bone, the new low impedance handsets provide this new cutting facility.




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