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Product Overview

Features a unique, self-contained delivery system that integrates both the bone cement powder and liquid into an enclosed mixing system.

Cemex System can be coupled with the Cemex® Automatic Mixer – the first and only fully-automatic bone cement mixer. This revolutionary device removes the human element from the cementation mixing process and attempts to deliver an optimal mix for every application.

Cemex System Features and Benefits
● Self-contained delivery system reduces shelf space and biohazardous waste
● Easy setup eliminates complicated manual mixing systems
● Safer O.R. environment with less toxic vapors and contamination by foreign particles or bacteria
● Automatic Mixer provides repeatable and consistent mixing while eliminating the human element from the process
● Product breadth addresses a wide range of clinical needs

Cemex Product Offerings
● Different Handling Characteristics – High and Low Viscosity
● Cemex Hand Mix and Cemex System all-in-one enclosed gun delivery
● With and without antibiotic
● Fast and Standard Set (https://www.exac.com/)

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