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Allevyn Gentle Border Lite has been specially designed for people with sensitive or fragile skin who have light to moderately exuding wounds. These dressings, which come in a range of shapes and sizes, combine a thinner foam that is conformable and comfortable to wear with the gentleness of a silicone adhesive for minimal pain on removal.

• ALLEVYN triple-action technology maintains the optimal balance in fluid for moist wound healing
• The 2mm foam core ensures excellent flexibility so the dressing moulds to the body, even awkward areas4 which provides a comfortable fit for patients
• Showerproof dressing allowing patients to shower with the dressing in place which helps to improve their quality of life
• Easy to apply and remove – the dressing can be lifted and repositioned without losing adhesion.
• Suitable for use on people with fragile skin
• Bacterial barrier – which helps to minimise the risk of infection from external contaminants
• Up to 7 day wear time

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