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The PRESERVE™ Calc-Cuboid Arthrodesis Length Restoring Graft is a patented wedge designed for use in a calcaneocuboid joint arthrodesis. The Paragon 28® PRESERVE Grafts are anatomically contoured, aseptically processed and density matched allografts. The shape of the Calc-Cuboid Arthrodesis Length Restoring Graft matches that of the calcaneocuboid joint and tapers from lateral to medial to allow for ease of insertion into the joint. The primary donor sites for the PRESERVE Calc-Cuboid Arthrodesis Length Restoring Graft are the distal femur, talus, calcaneus and femoral calcar to provide strength and abundant medullary bone to this area.

All Paragon 28 PRESERVE Grafts are aseptically processed, allowing for maintenance of structural integrity and biocompatibility of the graft. Gamma irradiation is not used during processing in order to help avoid structural fatigue and crumbling of the graft. Further, hydrogen peroxide is avoided during processing with the intent to help preserve osteoinductivity of the graft.

A set of trials are available for use with the PRESERVE Calc-Cuboid Arthrodesis Length Restoring Grafts. The trials are sized matched to the grafts to determine the correct amount of correction both clinically and radiographically before a graft is even opened.

Paragon 28®'s Design Rationale:

Whether lengthening of the lateral column is necessary during a triple arthrodesis or as part of a flatfoot reconstruction, the PRESERVE Calc-Cuboid Arthrodesis Length Restoring Graft provides six options for length adjustability, including an 18 mm Universal (Parallel) graft that can be cut per surgeon’s preference. (http://www.paragon28.com/)

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